The Prodigy’s Blog “Epic Moments”

May 31, 2016

Last night the Golden State Warriors beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in game 7 of what was the best series of games we’ve gotten to see this year in the NBA. I’m a huge basketball fan and games like last nights are the ones you wish for. The Warriors, a favorite coming into the series, came back from a 3-1 game deficit to win the Western Conference in epic fashion, setting a stage for a repeat of last years’ finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Bursting with anticipation for this series, I went back and re-watched some of the best finals games from last year and it got me thinking, what was the most epic game I had ever seen? What do other people consider the most epic game they’d seen?


There are so many games to choose from and although narrowing it down is hard, one game keeps popping back into my head. Game 6, Spurs vs. Heat, Lebron James is looking for his first ring but his team is down 3 games to 2. I was sitting in a Las Vegas casino glued to a huge T.V. with a bunch of friends in disbelief that the highly favored Heat are about to lose to the Spurs. I’ll never forget the energy in the room, everyone on their feet, biting their nails, sweating all the big bets they had put on the game; It was by far the most tension I’ve ever felt during a sports game. But as many of you already know, Ray Allen hits a buzzer tying 3 to send game 6 into overtime in which The Heat took over, and go on to crush game 7. This led to Lebron getting his long sought after first ring, a moment I won’t forget.


BJ’s epic sports moment was an easy choice, The 2004 World Series Championship between the Red Sox and Cardinals. I bet you all know why too. The Red Sox hadn’t won a world series for 86 years but with a clean 4 game sweep they broke the curse of the Bambino and gave Red Sox fans something that they had been waiting for far too long. I remember watching it with my dad. He couldn’t sit down, pacing back and forth the entire game. He watched patiently, waiting for another classic Boston choke, a collapse of epic proportion. But when that last out was caught and the celebration started, history was written. BJ ran around the room for 20 straight minutes in utter disbelief that his long time devotion to a team that could only lose finally payed off giving him one of the greatest wins in sports history. Now that’s an epic sports moment .


What about you, what’s your favorite “epic” moment? ​