The Prodigy’s Blog “Getting Scammed”

June 2, 2016

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a phone call from your bank telling you that you’ve been scammed. Besides the fact that you’ve been robbed, you have to spend hours at the bank sorting through false charges and piles of paperwork. All of this drama created so that one sneaky person could buy hundreds of dollars of fast food before you could find out. So it’s no surprise that people tend to be overly protective of their sensitive data. Which leads us to our story of BJ yelling at what he thought was a scammer trying to cash one of his checks.


This is another classic story of BJ overreacting to what was just a nice person looking out for his best interests. The poor guy never saw it coming. A bank customer service representative tried to calmly convey to BJ that someone had found one of his checks and needed to confirm that it was indeed his. That’s all it took, a quick probe into sensitive information and BJ blew up. He turned fiery red as he dug into this customer service repetitive, questioning his morals and life choices. Barely getting a word in edgewise, the caller tried to explain that he needed to pick up the check from a man who had found it on the ground in Northgate. Unfortunately this was just more fuel for the fire as BJ was convinced he was being scammed. He had not been to Northgate in weeks, and there was no way he was ever meeting up with a random stranger to get one measly check back. Feeling justified, the battle seemed all but won by BJ; this scammer would not get his money.


Little did he know, BJ was about to feel like a complete Jackass.  The bank representative was able to confirm that the check was indeed his by identifying who he wrote it for. As it turns out, the person BJ wrote the check for someone who dropped it while in Northgate. All that rage for nothing. It’s funny how we turn things into huge problems for ourselves. Luckily for BJ this guy had the patience of a saint helping him make sure that he really didn’t get scammed. The guy deserves a medal.  Just goes to show you it’s Ok to be cautious, just don’t get angry. You may end up making a bigger mess for yourself.


What about you, when did you overreact to something?