The Prodigy’s Blog “National Donut Day”

June 3, 2016

That’s right, we’ve finally made it. Today is National Donut Day. It’s that one glorious day of the year were everyone comes together to enjoy the sugary goodness that is the donut. So break out a 12 pack of these bodacious bad boys and share them with the people around you; or in our case, a 24 pack. BJ has set a high bar after once polishing off a 12 pack by himself. I’m keeping today’s blog short and sweet, because I’m too busy stuffing my face full of donuts. So I’ll leave you with one important question. If you could make something a national holiday, and it could be anything, what would it be? I’d make every day national pizza day, although technically my life already is kind of like that. Pizza for life!


It looks like we’re going to get some great weather this weekend so get outside and work off some of those donut and pizza calories. Rock on people!