The Prodigy’s Blog “Wheel of Fortune”

May 27, 2016

This coming weekend is Memorial Day but more importantly it’s the debut of The Reverend En Fuego on Wheel of Fortune! That’s right, it’s no lie. On Monday, The Rev will appear on Wheel of Fortune, competing for prizes up to a million dollars! Although these are recorded in advance, contestants aren’t allowed to spoil anything about the taping of the show; so everyone from our show will be glued to the TV Monday night to see how much money the Rev is able to win. All I know is that we better get breakfast if he wins the million. But this started a debate on the show. What’s the coolest thing you could buy if you won a million dollars?


If you’ve listened to the show for a while now you probably can already guess what BJ would buy with his million dollars. He would purchase the most ridiculous, over the top, $12,000 gaming table from Geek Chic. I have no idea what kind of amazing hidden drawers or awesome LED lights that surely come with this behemoth of a table, but for $12,000 one thing is for sure, they’ll be plenty of space for all your friends. Knowing BJ this table probably comes with a “Game of Thrones” style chair fit for a king because, well you know, BJ is the king.


I’m also a gamer but a different type of gamer. But don’t be fooled, my addiction runs just as deep. I love playing PC games and if I had a million dollars I would get the best computer set up that money could buy. I spend a bunch of time on my computer either working or gaming, so I would pimp out my computer set-up to the max, including the biggest most bad ass computer chair in the world. I’ll call it “The Iron Chair!”….it’s a working title.  And of course, the fastest possible internet that money can buy. Game on! If you won a million dollars, what would you buy? Do you think you could win big on the Wheel of Fortune?​