The Prodigy’s Blog “Worst Fears”

June 22, 2016

On a normal day, most of us don’t think about confronting our worst fears. But from time to time, life throws us a curve ball. Yesterday on his way up to work, BJ got stuck in an elevator. Now while this didn’t strike him as anything than another problem to solve, the woman next to him had just fallen into a nightmare. Whether she was claustrophobic or just afraid being stuck in a small space with BJ, she needed out of that elevator. After a vigorous attempt to try and pry open the elevator doors with her now super human strength, panic quickly began to take hold as the doors would not budge an inch. BJ, thinking quickly, pressed the emergency call button in the elevator in hopes he could use his own superpower, the power of smooth talking, to get the elevator doors open. Before a hummingbird could even flap its wings, boom! The doors opened and the woman burst out of the elevator, she had been saved. BJ had sweet talked the person on the other line into opening the doors and saved the day.

Ok so maybe the story didn’t go exactly like that but when you’re experiencing one of your worst fears, things tend to get a bit overdramatic. The reality of the situation may have been closer to BJ yelling at an intercom because he was going to be late to work and a woman freaking out from the unintended stress. Either way, BJ made it to work on time and no one got hurt. That’s a win in my book.

What is one of your worst fears? When did you experience something that got blown out of proportion?