The Prodigy’s Blog 05-26-16 “Beep Beep”

May 26, 2016

As summer kicks into full gear people are rolling down their windows and turning up their radios, preparing to enjoy the awesome weather that comes with the approaching month of June. But with more sun, comes more traffic. And with more traffic, inevitably, you’ll start to notice all the bad driving habits people have. Don’t worry though; you’re not the only one.  A new survey ranks the top things five things that people do in their car to piss you off.


I feel like I could list off things that annoy me about drivers for hours but luckily the one that pisses me off the most comes in at number four on this list, eating while driving. Besides the fact that it just dangerous, people pick the hardest foods to eat while on the road. Wings, really? How could you possibly enjoy eating wings while driving? Not to mention the mess. The craziest thing I ever saw someone eat while driving was Sushi. Seems easy right? This guy had three different dipping sauces in one hand, chopsticks in the other all while driving with his knees. It seemed very unsafe, but I will say I was impressed.


It comes as no surprise that the number 1 thing that pisses people off while driving also happens to be BJ’s biggest pet peeve, back-seat driving. BJ trusts his GPS more than anything so when it comes to giving him directions, you might as well give up. I remember the last time I tried to give him directions. The GPS was telling him to drive onto a beach, in which I pointed out that there was no way our hotel was literally on a beach. Lets’ just say the car got a bit sandy and I’ve had to drive everywhere ever sense. Oh well, some things are inevitable.


What do people do in their car that pisses you off? What would you put on this list?​