The Prodigy's Blog “Best Vacations”

July 19, 2016

BJ and Steve just got back from their trip to Minnesota where they attended an awesome radio convention and although it was a work event, they had some free time to explore the area. And where else are you going to go other than the greatest mall in America. So how great is this mall really? Well to start off, it’s big enough to could fit 7 Yankees Stadiums in it, which means there’s enough space for every store imaginable. But the best part by far is the giant amusement park in the center of the mall. That’s right; you can shop for clothes and ride a thrilling roller coaster all in the same area. Mix in a drink or two and you have yourself a great spot for a vacation.


Although this and many other trips feel like work, there are always a couple of things that make it feel like a vacation; which got me thinking, what’s the best vacation I’ve been on? At first, Vegas popped into my head. Poker, beer and blackjack could keep me entertained for hours and easily makes for an amazing vacation but I’d be lying if I said it was my favorite. The most memorable vacation I’ve ever been on was a six week backpacking trip through Europe. Shortly after high school I was lucky enough to venture overseas with two of my best friends on an epic adventure that started in Ireland and ended in Italy. The experience was unforgettable, at least the sober parts, and the food was so good that I gained about 7 pounds despite walking for hours every day. Eating real Italian pizza will do that to you.  I highly recommend going if you ever get a chance, but it is expensive. I nearly went broke just trying to get home, but it was totally worth it.


What about you, what’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on? ​