The Prodigy's Blog "Crazy Neighbors"

July 13, 2016

Look to your left, look to your right, odds are, one of those houses has a crazy a neighbor. Although it’s incredibly hard to find a place to live that doesn’t have at least one crazy neighbor, you can consider yourself lucky that you don’t live near this person. A British woman's neighbors called the police to report sounds of tortured cats, but it turns out she just was playing the violin; she was cited for noise disturbance, and the court confiscated her instrument. Now I’m not saying that I can play any instrument well, but even I can produce a better sound than tortured cats. I think the police probably did this woman a favor taking the instrument away; it sounds like she had no future becoming a great violinist. Having to be the neighbor who has to call the cops has got to be awkward, how many times do you have to hear that sound before you do? The cops must have thought It was a joke when they showed up. But losing sleep to what you think is the sound of tortured cats is no joke.


I recently lost a bunch of sleep when a couple of people in my apartment building decided to host a pool party for what must have been at least 8 hours. I usually try to take a nap in the afternoon for a bit because of the early hours I work, but with crazy fast techno EDM music playing, I was unable to. I was in full rage mode. Before I even had time to call our building manager, I saw him out there trying to contain the party. It didn’t work, as they just turned the music louder in true party fashion. The young rocker in me liked there style, but the old man in me wanted to call the cops. I didn’t, and also didn’t get my nap. Next time they’re out there; I’ll start blasting some Adele, see how long they can party with that kind of music playing.

 Do you have crazy neighbors? What’s your crazy neighbor story? ​