The Prodigy's Blog "Do parents love their children equally?"

April 13, 2016
Prodigy and Sara

We all know the story. Parents say they love their children equally. There's no way they could pick a favorite among them. Turns out, it all may have been a lie. Earlier this week on the show, BJ read a new study that says about 70% of parents say they could pick their favorite child. So of course I had to know, If BJ had to pick, who is his favorite child, ME, The Prodigy, or my sister, Sara. 


His answer, well it may surprise you. Although BJ says Sara is more like him, I bring a more relaxed, chill environment to his day to day life. Yes! Looks like the older child, is the wiser child. All those hours of letting him win at board games is finally paying off! Or so I thought. 

It turns out BJ loves the chaos Sara brings to his life. Keeping him on his toes, every day may be stressful but each day is always different. WHAT?! 2nd place when only two people are competing. This brings a whole new definition to the phrase "If you’re not first, you’re last". You win this round Sara.....but I'll have my revenge!


What about you, are you the favorite child; or do you bring chaos to your parents life?​