The Prodigy's Blog "Dream Homes"

April 27, 2016

If your anything like me, you day dream from time to time about all the things you could buy if money wasn't a problem. Maybe you dream about a car, a computer, or a long vacation but what about your dream home?  A new survey asked people what the top things they would want in their dream home. If money was no object and your imagination was the only limit, what crazy thing would you want in your house?


Lots of people would probably say they want a "man cave" but BJ wants a Geek Fortress! And at the center, a giant $12,000 knights of the round "gaming table" fit for a king. Sounds about right since BJ already owns almost every board game known to man. For that much cash I hope the table comes with pretty sweet cup holders. Either way, with that kind of table you’re going to be able to roll a lot of dice.  


This question is awesome. There are so many things to choose from. For me, the one thing that keeps coming to mind is an indoor basketball court. I could practice my skills and get a good workout at home. And let’s not forget, it would be a great excuse to get people to come to my dream house. Not to mention with that much practice I'd be in the NBA in no time.   


What about you, what’s one thing you would want in your dream home?