The Prodigy's Blog "Fireworks"

July 6, 2016

The weekend has come and gone and if you’re anything like me, the only thing remaining is a giant hangover.  Yes I celebrated the 4th in good fashion, watching fireworks and partying hard, but I have something to admit. I thought the fireworks were a bit lackluster. I will mention that I was a bit too inebriated to have fully enjoyed them; even so, I thought they weren’t as epic as I had remembered. Of course drunk me had to start an argument with my friends on the best place ever to see fireworks.


My favorite memory of fireworks was in Oregon where I was lighting off Roman Candles watching people shoot giant mortars into the sky along the ocean line. You can’t beat a friendly fireworks competition between people on the beach. All this culminating up to a professional fireworks show at the end which trumped all shows I’ve seen thus far. Joined by the company of my awesome family, it’s the one 4th of July weekend that really sticks out in my head. Well that, and when I almost blew up my neighbors garage. Sometimes you learn a lesson the hard way; don’t light all your fireworks off at once.


What about you, what’s the best place you’ve watched fireworks? ​