The Prodigy's Blog "Game-a-Palooza"

June 24, 2016

Early this week, BJ invited me to play some board games over the weekend with a couple of his gaming friends. I hadn’t played a good game of Monopoly in a while so I agreed to join with the hopes of showing off my dice rolling skills. Little did I know the commitment I had just made was way more daunting that I thought. It turns out a game day with BJ does not include Monopoly, and it takes up the entire day, about 12 hours to be exact. At first I was a bit shocked, but after learning the first game we would be playing was “Game of Thrones, the board game” my fear dissipated. I have no idea whether I can handle 12 hours of gaming but I love Game of Thrones enough to give it a chance. But this got me thinking, what in my life do I enjoying doing so much that I could do it for 12 hours straight?


There isn’t a long list of things I would do for 12 hours but a couple of things to come to mind. The most practical one would be video games. I think I could easily play video games for 12 hours. As long as I was playing with a couple of friends and had a bit of variety between shooters and Mario Party, I could game all day long. Besides gaming, BJ could watch Star Trek for hours on end. Space is the final frontier, and with a bunch of seasons and several different captains it’s easy to get sucked into that world. Not to mention the twelve movies as well. Content is king, and they got a bunch of it. All I know is by the end of a twelve hour session of anything; you’re going to need a good night’s sleep.


What about you, what’s something you could do for an entire day? ​