The Prodigy's Blog "My Teeter-Totter Is Wobbling on Its Fulcrum"

May 2, 2016

Today's blog comes from one of my dad's mentors, Dan Sanders!



As the world continues to spin backwards and the blossoms of spring are closing up in fear, I find I am losing my balance on the teeter-totter of life. But I refuse to fall off the face of the earth. I may take a running jump and yell as I go flying into space, but I will not fall, I will not grovel, and I will not conform to the lunacy around me. Most of all, I will not apologize for being a pain in the emotional and mental ass of a machine that continues to betray everything I have believed in since I hit the age of 13. There have been some well-intentioned efforts lately to smooth out my rough edges, but I happen to like my rough edges. I even had to tell the person who cuts my hair, when she went too short for me, that I don’t work for a bank, unless it’s the band The Left Bank.


I suppose I shouldn’t worry too much about my teetering-totter. April 28, 2016, marked ten years since Keith Richards fell out of a tree. The circumstances around his fall were cloaked in mystery. Some articles reported he was up in a palm tree, and in the case of Keith Richards and for the true believers in the weird, that made perfect sense. In this case, though, it was fairly innocent. Keith had simply been drying off in a small 7-foot tree after a swim off the coast of Fiji when he took a tumble, or if you will, a flip-flop, out of a tree, reaching for a branch with wet hands.  Richards suffered a concussion, and the injury led to the Stones postponing tour dates.


The first of Newton's Laws of Motion states an object will continue its motion at a constant velocity until an outside force acts on it. An example of that would be Keith Richards falling out of a tree and the ground stopping the fall. If I had witnessed him about to do something incredibly stupid and jumped in his way while yelling “Don’t do that, you idiot,” it may have hurt his feelings, but his head would have felt a lot better. At that time, what was more important, preventing a concussion or a few bruised emotions?


We live in a world of turmoil—political craziness in America, lunatic terrorists running around the world, global warming, and a list of inequalities that boggles the mind. It’s a world indeed spinning backwards, and it will continue to do that until enough people start pushing it back in the right direction, or like Newton’s law, it will only pick up speed in an off-beam bearing. The problem is everyone thinks their own direction is the best course, but as Nick Lowe wrote and Elvis Costello sang “(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding”?


While writing this I’ve been listening to some deep-cutting blues by Duane Allman, joined by people like ‎Boz Scaggs and the Grateful Dead. If you want to hear some lowdown and dirty blues, try “It Hurts Me Too” with the Dead and Duane.


This all does lead to the shores of Rambling Harbor. I have very little idea what you’ll find there, but there will be some rock and roll news and history. I hope you’ll join me.