The Prodigy's Blog "Star Trek Beyond"

July 8, 2016

Summer movies are kicking it into high gear and while many have already come and gone, my most anticipated movie of the summer is arriving soon! If you’ve read the title then you already know, that’s right, Star Trek Beyond is less than two weeks away and I’m officially pumped up. Maybe it’s because Uncle Chris just brought in some awesome Star Trek phasers or maybe it’s because the rain is pouring but not matter what the excuse, I’ve already re-watched the trailer twice today. BJ and I have made plans to see the movie, and if I had to bet, he’s going to immediately want to see it again after we get out of the theater.


For those of you who haven’t been following the most recent “Trekkie” news, it has been reported that John Cho’s character Hikaru Sulu in the upcoming film will be gay, currently rumored that this is portrayed with a picture of Sulu and another man with a child. Georgia Takei, the actor who originally played Sulu, was not happy with the news. He believes it takes away from Gene Roddenberry’s original creation, and although the idea of a gay Star Trek member is amazing, it should be a new character with an imaginative background rather than an already existing member. I personally like the idea. This is a new time line in the Star Trek universe and this change to the character is no real stretch of the imagination. I don’t think it will take away from the movie in any way. Seeing the old Star Trek character cast in a new way has been refreshing and got me biting my nails in anticipation for sweet space fights. To infinity, and BEYOND!


What about you, are you pumped up for the new Star Trek movie? ​