The Prodigy's Blog "The Three Amigos"

June 17, 2016

Inspiring movies? Let me tell you about inspiring movies...


There are a lot of obvious ones, sports movies, movies "based on a true story", that kind of thing, but I have one movie that I've seen dozens of times and it always inspires me: "The Three Amigos".


Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short star in what I consider the funniest movie ever made.  A quick synopsis if you haven't seen it: three Hollywood stars in the Silent Era are mistaken for real-life heroes and are enlisted to aid a small Mexican city in their fight against an oppressive gang of bandits.


This movie showed me a lot about being true to yourself and striving against seemingly insurmountable odds, as well as doing the right thing, especially when it's not the easy thing.  There's also a lot about loyalty and being a good friend, not to mention using comedy and a quick wit instead of always trying to fight your way out of an argument.


That's my two cents for today; thanks for letting me bend your ear for a bit.

How about you?  Which movies inspire you and why?  Tell me all about it, I'm actually curious!


-Uncle Chris