Beau Phillips

Remembering a KISW Legend: Bob Hovanes

August 15, 2019

This week, The Rock of Seattle learned of the passing of one of our own, Bob Hovanes. Anyone who has listened to KISW since the early years would tell you that Hovanes was part of the foundation and formation of this great radio station. For decades, he was one of Seattle’s most treasured voices, and we will forever remember his legacy.


Former KISW Program Director Beau Phillips started his longtime KISW career in in 1978, with Hovanes joining the crew the next year, and there’s no one better than Beau to share his memories with us.


“When I took the reins at KISW, Bob Hovanes was the afternoon news guy on KZOK. He was my competitor, so I wanted to hate him. But Bob was the best news man I’d ever heard. His voice, his quick wit, his inflection...perfect. 


As KISW grew, I was able to steal Bob Away, with help from Gary Crow, who knew Hoves from his days at KISW. So, we double teamed Bob. 


On the air, C & H clicked from day one.  With a twinkle in his eye, Bob Hovanes was the fire-starter, the shit-disturber, always up for breaking the rules. He cared deeply about his craft, but Bob could also be a wild man.


One time, Robin Erickson & I walked into KISW’s Cinco de Mayo broadcast at a Mexican restaurant on Eastlake.  One hour into the show, Hovanes had about 15 empty shot glasses in front of him - and a huge grin on his face. I told Bob to pace himself, but that wasn’t his style. By the end, Hoves was laughing and screaming hysterically, with an empty tequila bottle in front of him.


Godspeed Bob Hovanes. You were the greatest.” - Beau Phillips



Thank you for joining us in honoring the life of one of KISW’s favorite personalities. RIP Bob Hovanes.