Rock Blog: 5 Reasons To Go Back To White River Amphitheatre On Friday

August 23, 2016

Why go see Heart, Joan Jett and Cheap Trick at White River Ampitheatre this Friday? Here are 5 good reasons:


  1. All 3 are members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sure, the hall has either forgotten or been very late to honor well deserving artists, but when can you see 3 Hall of Famers on 1 stage? Heart went into the hall in 2013, Joan Jett in 2015, and Cheap Trick this past year. And all bands have very interesting and different roads to the Hall.
  2. Heart! They dropped their first album...believe it or not...40 years ago. They continue to deliver night after night of thundering shows. Few female voices can shake a crowd like Ann Wilson - just ask those Led Zep guys after seeing the Kennedy Center Honors performance. And few bands have ever represented Seattle like the Wilson Sisters have. 
  3. Joan Jett. She started out somewhere between an early punk rock and 70s glam metal. Every record label said, "No." to her, so she said, "FU!", and started her own label. She covered an unknown throwaway by English band The Arrows, and it became “her” biggest hit, and “I Love Rock and Roll” became an American anthem. Joan Jett is as bad ass as you can get.
  4. Cheap Trick. They were about throw in the towel when a song they decided to take out of their live set became a hit in Japan. Epic Records, smelling big money released “Live in Budakon”. It was a new birth from 4 friends from Rockford Illinois. They have set the standard for American Pop Rock, and inspired everyone from The Ramones to Kiss, to ACDC to Guns and Roses.
  5. The songs. Each of these bands could play a “Greatest Hits” show, so imagine how much fun this night will be. Most package tours feature a member or two of a band, perhaps a singer who sounds like the original, so it’s rare when you get this much star power and cred in 1 show. Get a ticket, sit on the lawn, lay back and sing along to a ton of songs you love and a bunch you forgot about.

Rock on, Rockaholics.

- Sergeant Hairclub