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Rock Blog: ...And The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2017 Inductees Are...

December 20, 2016

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2017 has been officially announced, and it starts in Seattle with Pearl Jam. It’s a smaller class than years past, because face it, at the rate that the Hall was going Justin Bieber would have been inducted by time he was 30 – and that would be sad. Very. Here are your honorees:


Pearl Jam

Out of the ashes of Mother Love Bone, PJ exploded with their debut “Ten” in 1991. They’ve put out 10 proper studio albums, countless live recordings and have toured without mercy, much the way that the Grateful Dead did throughout their career. And all this pales to the fact that this band does so much for its home town, and community efforts everywhere. Pearl Jam is a punk band, wrapped inside a Classic Rock arena band, and perhaps the most talented bunch of musicians on any stage at any time.




It feels like Journey went into the Hall years back, but no. Journey broke out of Santana, did a few Prog albums and no one noticed. Along comes Steve Perry and they start making hits. And bigger hits. And then number one albums, and arena tours. They defined Rock in the 80s. Then Steve walked away, and a few different singers stepped in, one in particular that they discovered on Youtube. Then “Don’t Stop Believin” became the official song for every occasion. And Karaoke. Then the Hall of Fame.



I was a 70s kid, and I couldn’t get enough Prog Rock. You know, the music made from guys overplaying their instruments, woven into 15 minute Classical based songs, with lyrics about space, time, astral travelers, and other assorted poetic silliness. And great music to get stoned to. King Crimson, ELP, Triumvirat, Gentle Giant, Renaissance, early Genesis and Yes. That was my Jam. It all sounds a little dated now, but if 1 band stands the test of time, its Yes. Through many members, iterations, reunions and spinoff projects, the only Prog band to have a #1 Pop hit! Yes, Yes, Yes.



Electric Light Orchestra

Another band that seems like they should have been in the Hall by now. The producers producer – Jeff Lynne. It was his band and vision. A Rock band. With a bunch of violins. Maybe the only one? Jeff went on to produce everyone from Tom Petty to George Harrison to Bob Dylan to Joe Walsh to Brian Wilson and many others. ELO had 5 great albums in 6 years in the 70s. They continued to make music until Jeff Lynne turned to production full time. The current lineup features Lynne and Richard Tandy who was with the band almost from the start. Will be interesting to see who’s on stage to accept the award.



Congrats also to  Joan Baez and Tupac Shakur, both monumental artists in Folk and Hip Hop respectively.




- Sergeant Hairclub AKA Dave Richards