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Rock Blog: Eddie Van Halen turns 62

January 24, 2017

Eddie Van Halen turns 62 this Thursday. If you turn your mental clock back to February 1978 when the first Van Halen album came out, your first reaction should be, “Huh? No way!”. But yes…Way.


Rock was changing in 1978. Heavyweights like Bruce Springsteen, Rush, Cheap Trick, The Who and The Rolling Stones all released landmark albums. But there were newcomers too, a “New Wave” of music if you will, from Talking Heads, The Cars, Elvis Costello, Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie and The Police. Billy Joel had his first number one album and biggest selling album of his career with “52nd Street”. And in between all these, and many more huge albums, came the debut from Van Halen. It blew America away.


It was different. three parts hard rock, one part punk rock, one part showmanship and sense of humor. Sure, David Lee was the face of the band and a tremendous front man. But what about that guy on guitar? Eddie personified a first class, ferocious rock guitarist, and to this day, few have reached his level of talent.


To celebrate Eddie Van Halen's 60th birthday, here are my picks for six great Van Halen songs. I guess you could say we’re showing off EVH, but really, he does a great job of showing off himself, wouldn't you say?


'Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love'


'Somebody Get Me a Doctor'


'And the Cradle Will Rock'


'Little Guitars'


'Hot For Teacher'







- Sergeant Hairclub AKA Dave Richards