Rock Blog: Happy 68th Birthday To The Stones' Other Mick

January 17, 2017

Outside of the great Keith Richards, Rock and Roll’s greatest riff master, there have been 3 Rolling Stone lead guitar players. Ronnie Wood is always the first that comes to mind, and for good reason. He’s spent the most time with the band - some 42 years since he joined in 1975, and obviously he’s still there today. Brian Jones gets #2 recognition. He wasn’t just the original lead guitarist, but the Stones were his vision, all the way to him being the original business manager. Jones was fired in 1969, and die shortly thereafter.


Then there’s Mick Taylor. The least recognizable name of the three, but for my money, clearly the most talented, and whose contributions to The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band were the most enduring. And today Mick celebrates his 68th birthday, quietly, as has been his post Stone’s life.


Mick Taylor left the legendary John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers to join the Stones. He beat out Jeff Beck, Peter Frampton and even a 21 year old Ronnie Wood.


Taylor only lasted 5 years with the Stones, before he threw in the towel. Too weary from life on the road, he went back into the studio to make records. He released a bunch of blues albums, returned to make records with John Mayall and did session work for Bob Dylan, Mike Oldfield, Little Feat and the guy who replaced him in the Stones, Ronnie Wood. But those 5 years with The Stones, were the tastiest, and they gave us simply the best Rolling Stones albums. 


Let It Bleed (1969)


Sticky Fingers (1971)


Exile on Main St. (1972)


Goats Head Soup (1973)


It's Only Rock 'n Roll (1974)


Tattoo You (1981) Although this was released in 1981, most of the songs were recorded in 1972 with Taylor.




- Sergeant Hairclub AKA Dave Richards