Rock Blog: Happy Birthday Jimi

November 22, 2016

Happy Birthday Jimi.

Jimi Hendrix was the greatest guitarist of all time. He was born in Seattle November 27, 1942. This Sunday would have been his 74th birthday. Hard to imagine isn’t it - Jimi as a 74 year old senior citizen. It’s hard because we still hold the image of Jimi as a kid in his mid 20’s with the confidence and swagger of the next 99 greatest guitarists. He defined what a Rock Star was then, and still is today. The old videos and pictures of Jimi and the Experience or the Band of Gypsies showed a guy who broke the rules, dressed in technicolor,  and turned his instrument – the upside down Fender Strat – into a weapon of massive music destruction.

People like to ask what Jimi would be doing now. Or what Kurt, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Brad Nowell or others would be doing now. Who knows, right? I think Jimi would have travelled down the road with Carlos Santana, Miles Davis, someplace between Blues, Jazz and Rock, but definitely not making commercially appreciated music. Making something bigger, better, in a time and place no one has reached yet. New dimensions is all he knew.  

When the world took hold of Jimi, they didn’t know what to make of the whole thing, and sadly his career was way too brief. But the thing is Jimi Hendrix made timeless music. It’s as fresh today as it was when it came out, nearly 50 years ago. It can never be underestimated how far ahead of his time, Jimi Hendrix was. To celebrate what would have been Jimi Hendrix 74th birthday, heres a little playlist of my personal faves. (Jimi’s estate has done a good of protecting his legacy, and they’ve kept original versions off Youtube).


3rd Stone From the Sun

Power of Love

Voodoo Chile

Up From the Skies


Little Wing

Dolly Dagger

Red House





Sergeant Hairclub AKA Dave Richards