Rock Blog: Led Zeppelin LIVE in Spokane!

November 15, 2016

© Eautographhunter | - Robert Plant & Jimmy Page - April 9, 1995, Boston Garden - by Eric L. Johnson Photography


In January of 1969, planet earth got to hear the debut album, the very first notes of recorded music, from Led Zeppelin. They would go on to become the greatest rock band planet would ever see. Two weeks before Zeppelin's first album came out, they performed a show in Spokane, WA on the campus of Gonzaga University. They were not the headliner, but rather the opening act for Vanilla Fudge. Tickets started at $3.00. Not a typo…$3.00. Or you could get the good seats for $5.00!


Imagine being at that show... “Oh, aren’t they some guys who were in the Yardbirds? Maybe they’ll be ok. Maybe they’ll have a career. Couldn’t possibly be any better than Vanilla Fudge, right? I mean, they have a big hit right now with a cover of a Diana Ross song. And seriously, what’s a Led Zeppelin?” Dho.


The Spokane show has been one of those legendary concert bootlegs that has floated around America for some 45 years in various degrees of quality on everything from vinyl to reel-to-reel tape, 8-track to cassette, even MP3. It was also supposedly the very first live recording of Led Zeppelin that was documented. There’s a rumor that 2017 might finally be the year that this concert comes out of the archives for a real re-mastered release. And that would be a very cool thing. For now, the internet is wonderful place to find such nuggets.




- Dave Richards AKA Sergeant Hairclub