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GRAMMY-winning Swedish rock band GHOST is known for special, limited edition items that have been tied to its various album releases - an 8-track edition of Ceremony & Devotion, and for Prequelle, a 7-inch die-cut-as-rats vinyl disc of the album’s first single “Rats,” offering the album on a... Read More

5 Reasons to get to Pain in the Grass Early

Beers, sunshine, fried food, Rock Girls and hanging out with thousands of your Rockaholic brethren are all 5 fine reasons to head out to Pain in the Grass this week. What about the bands!? We're all stoked to see the headliners each night. One of the best parts of festival shows is getting turned... Read More

AC/DC Back in Black turns 39

39 years ago today AC/DC released what would become one of the greatest, most iconic and best selling albums of all time. BACK IN BLACK. It's rare that a band can regain, let alone exceed, their prior successes after losing a lead singer. Especially one as legendary as Bon Scott. AC/DC did exactly... Read More

New Skillet Video Legendary

Skillet fans were stoked to find a new video from the band via People yesterday. Skillet Debuts New 'Legendary' Music Video: 'Don't Be Afraid to Go Against the Crowd,' John Cooper Says https://t.co/SZpuOC5Jz5 — People (@people) July 16, 2019 Video of Skillet - Legendary (Official Video) 'Legendary... Read More

New Ghost Video Faith

The clergy kindly bestowed the new lyric video for Ghost's latest single 'Faith' upon us yesterday. [MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY> We wish to inform you Ghost's song "Faith" has a deliciously disturbing lyric video ready for viewing. https://t.co/h3y0aTEsHs pic.twitter.com/D0NxeCvrdB — Cardinal Copia (@... Read More

Ronnie James Dio Top 5 Birthday

Today marks the 77th anniversary of the birth of Ronnie James Dio. Mortals would call it a birthday. In honor of his holiness we give our top 5 RJD jams. Horns up. \m/ \m/ #5 - Dio 'The Last In Line' 1984 Video of Dio-The Last In Line #4 - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow 'Man on the Silver Mountain'... Read More

New Alter Bridge Wouldn't You Rather Video

Where do they find the time? Somewhere between all of the other stuff the guys in Alter Bridge have had going on over the last year they somehow found time to get together to write and record a new album.. Where do they find the time? The new album "Walk the Sky" is due October 18th. Here's the new... Read More

New Disturbed Video No More

Disturbed captured the energy of their live shows in this new video for 'No More.' The footage was shot during this year's Evolution Tour. Video of Disturbed - No More [Official Music Video> Disturbed also announced a live 5 song EP that will be available tomorrow. New video out tomorrow, live EP... Read More

New Prophets of Rage Video

Prophets of Rage, the amalgamation of members of Rage Against the Machine, Cypress Hill and Public Enemy, dropped a new song via Youtube and social media Sunday. There's no word yet on an impending Prophets of Rage Album. Check out 'Made with Hate' below. Video of Prophets Of Rage - Made With Hate... Read More