Chris Cornell

May 18, 2017

Like many of you I was shocked and saddened this morning to hear about the tragic, untimely death of Chris Cornell.  

I give guys like Chris a lot of credit for me being where I am today.  I do what I do for the love of music. It gets you through the hard times, is the soundtrack to the good times, reminds you of the past and makes you hopeful for the future.  The only criteria for a song to be good:  It has to make me feel something.  Happy, sad, pissed - whatever.  No one did that quite like Chris Cornell.  For that I want to say thank you to Chris. You were a huge beautiful part of my life even though we didn't know each other..

All day today we'll celebrate the music and life of Chris. This one has always been one of my favorites. The lyrics really hit home today.

Hello, I know there's someone out there who can understand
And who's feeling the same way as me
I'm twenty-four and I've got everything to live for
But I know now that it wasn't meant to be