Great St. Patrick's Day Drinking Songs

March 14, 2018

I visited Saint Patrick's Cathedral last year.  Surprisingly they didn't serve green beer.  There were no screaming groups of bros on party busses. To my shock and dismay there wasn't even one 22 year old girl, hammered, yelling for her friend Crissy with the smokes, whoever that is.  No, Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. Saint Patrick's Cathedral is a church and not Dublin's 800+ year old shrine to being drunk in public.  Who knew?

Actual photo:


So what is it with drinking and Saint Patrick's Day? Historically the Lenten restrictions on food and booze were lifted for the day.  Let's say it's 1410, you've been on the wagon since early February from a real fear of burning in hell for all eternity and the church is handing out one-day hall passes.  You'd cut loose too and you'd have Saint Pat to thank!  Ask your work friend that has been eating fish sandwiches for lunch every Friday since just after Mardi Gras.

Planning a Saint Patrick's Day party this year?  Don't put on a Leprechaun outfit.  Do put on these great drinking songs. - Tá Gaeilge agat, bail ó Dhia ort.