It happened. It really happened

Guns N Roses Reunite in Las Vegas

April 11, 2016

The name of the tour says it all.  “Not in this Lifetime.”  Press, fans, hell people close to the band all said it:  “I’ll be surprised if these shows happen.”  I wasn’t a naysayer, but if you would have asked me to put money on the shows going off as promised I probably wouldn’t have taken that bet. Let’s call it cautiously-optimistic. We all know the history.  No need to rehash it here.  I knew there was a chance something would happen between the time these shows were announced and Friday April 8th.  After reports of Axl breaking his foot the day prior and the time for the doors to open at the new TMobile Arena came and and went Friday night, many of the thousands of people waiting to get in were sure “something” had.  To add insult to injury it was the sky that opened up on waiting fans, not the doors. Who says it never rains in Vegas?

The doors did finally open to the wet, but still incredibly excited throngs of GnFnR t-shirt clad fans outside. Better late than never.

Alice in Chains finally hit the stage a bit before 10.  Jerry joked, ”We asked to come play tonight so we knew we could get in.”  Alice played a fairly short, but blistering set.  Them Bones, Rooster, Man in the Box, No excuses and a few more... Alice in Chians delivered.  As usual. 

Then we waited.

Still waiting.


For the record it’s my understanding that it was technical issues and soundcheck running late that kept them off the stage.  All were in attendance and ready to roll.

Unlike Seattle they keep the booze flowing in Vegas.  So now you have thousands of somewhat restless people getting wasted..  It was starting to get hostile.  I could see the headlines.  “Guns n Roses fans destroy brand new Las Vegas arena.” Again, we all know the history.

At 11:46pm when they rolled Axl out onto the stage in Dave Grohl’s Rock n’ Roll Throne all was forgiven. 

The place erupted.

Holy SH*T! It’s happening! It’s really happening!  GnFnR! The wait made the pay-off that much better. 

Guns n’ Roses is arguably one of the most important bands of the last 50 years. They’ve certainly meant a lot to me. (Alice in Chains too for that matter) They’re a big part of the reason I wanted to do what I do today.  Why I got into music and ultimately ended up on the radio. To see Axl, Duff and Slash together on stage again was a pretty special moment.  History happening right before my eyes. Oh, and they sounded great! They killed it. Absolutely crushed. It was a 2+ hour reminder of how they became the biggest band in the world.

A big thank you to my friend Duff McKagan for the hook-up.  Had it not been for his kindness and generosity, I wouldn’t have been there.

Here’s the set list:

It’s So Easy

Mr. Brownstone

Chinese Democracy

Welcome to the Jungle

Double Talking Jive


Live and Let Die

Rocket Queen

You Could Be Mine

New Rose

This I Love


Speak Softly, Love

Sweet Child o’ Mine


Civil War

Wish You Were Here


November Rain

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door



Paradise City

Can’t wait for August 12 at Century Link Field!

Guns n Roses, Las Vegas

Guns n Roses, Las Vegas, Ryan Castle

Guns n Roses, Las Vegas