Led Zeppelin II turns 50

October 21, 2019

We've spent a lot of time this year talking about 1994.  Probably the pinnacle year for album releases in the world of what would be known as "Alternative Rock Music" celebrating their 25 year anniversary.   Look at the list of MASSIVE albums that came out that year.  Pearl Jam - Vitalogy, Stone Temple Pilots - Purple, Bush - Sixteen Stone, Live - Throwing Copper, Alice in Chains - Jar of Flies, Offspring - Smash, Green Day - Dookie​​​​​​.  The list goes on and on... 

Maybe there's a 25 year cycle for these things.  Look at the albums that turned or are turning 50 this year.  The Beatles - Abbey Road, Stones - Let it Bleed, The Who - Tommy, Sly and the Family Stone - Stand! CCR - Willy and the Poor Boys and not one but two monumental albums from Led Zeppelin.

When Zeppelin 1 came out in January of '69 the band was already on the road.  They spent the year and the "Summer of Love" on tour.  2 of those dates were in the Seattle area.  The famous Green Lake Aqua Theater show and on day 3 of the Seattle Pop Festival in Woodinville with the Doors and Chuck Berry. 

Somehow they found the time to record their second album.  Between January and August the band would squeeze in studio time.  The album ended up being recorded at 5 different studios between London, LA and New York.

The result was one of the strongest sophomore efforts in rock history.  All just 9 months after their initial release.

Rolling Stone wrote a glowing review in December that described Jimmy Page as the "heaviest white blues guitarist between 5'4" and 5'8" in the world." Admittedly the writer John Medelsohn hadn't listened to the album sober.  Instead taking it in on "some heavy Vietnamese weed," mescaline, some old Romilar, novocain, and ground up Fusion.  I like your style John.

Is there a 25 year cycle at play here?  Will we look back in 2044 as a monumental year in music? We'll have to ask Taylor Swift...  

Lift a glass with us today as we celebrate the now vast 50 year long legacy of Led Zeppelin and the groovy Zeppelin II.

The album is below, but first here's John Bonham doing Moby Dick live.  Lest you you forget he's an Effing God.  RIP.


Click here for the full album playlist from Led Zeppelin's YouTube Channel.