Listen: Weezer does Toto

May 30, 2018



In case you haven't been following the saga of Weezer, Toto and the 14 year old on Twitter I'll fill you in.

Last year a teenage girl named Mary started a Twitter account with the sole goal of getting Weezer to cover Toto's 1982 yacht rock mega-hit Africa.  Why Africa?  Perhaps after the song was included in the Netflix series Stranger Things.  

Back in December it seemed Mary was making some headway having received a reply from Weezer's drummer Patrick Wilson.

Then in a trollish move worthy of an Olympic medal the band put out a Toto cover last week, but not Africa.  They did Rosanna.  Any Toto fan would agree it's a stronger song, but I digress...

Finally this week the band acquiesced and blessed the rains and the fans with an instant classic.   

Here are the originals for a refresher and because everyone needs some Toto in their lives.