Top 10 Songs from 2016

December 29, 2016

War, terrorism, mass shootings, an ugly, contentions presidential election, pop culture icons dropping like files.... Harambe.  Let's face it, 2016 sucked for a lot of reasons.  It wasn't all bad though.  The Cubs won the World Series. The Sounders finally won the MLS Cup.  The stock market hit record highs.  Property values are up and violent crime is down. Evil Kermit. Bertha has quietly continued to tunnel under Seattle without an incident.  You're still here and I hope doing well.

Here are 10 other GOOD things to come from 2016. My top 10 songs of the year. Are they the best songs of the year?  Probably not.  They're likely not the best selling, most popular, most played, most streamed, most downloaded, Shazamed, shoplifted, shared or synced on NFL promos.  They're just 10 of my favorites.  

Coming up with 10 songs I loved from 2016 was easy.  Picking just 10 and putting them in order was another story.  I'm sure your list is different than mine and that's o.k. Just remember no matter what, you're wrong and I'm right.  :)

#10 Prophets of Rage "Prophets of Rage"

#9 Highly Suspect "My Name is Human"

#8 Volbeat "The Devil's Bleeding Crown"

#7 Windowpane "Words and Nothing More"

#6 Lamb of God "The Duke"

#5 Ghost "Square Hammer"

#4 Avenged Sevenfold "The Stage"

#3 Giraffe Tongue Orchestra "Blood Moon"

#2 Metallica "Hardwired"

#1 Zakk Wylde "Sleeping Dogs"