Watch the New Three Days Grace Video

The Mountain

January 25, 2018

This morning Three Days Grace debuted the video for their new song "The Mountain."  

The band says, "After our last big tour ended in Eastern Europe and Russia at the end of last summer in the heat wave I should add. The four of us just had an overwhelming need to escape as much chaos and mayhem as we could. We got home and decided to work up North in Ontario, Canada. I think that need for isolation laid the groundwork for the concept of Outsider as an album. You know like not wanting to run the rat race like everybody else, and not doing things the same way that everybody else does and being ok with that. And I guess just taking all of the absurdity and chaos that exists in the world today and taking a big step back and watching it from a distance."

The Mountain is the first single from their new album The Outsider due in stores on March 9th.