Rock Blog: Debauchery with the Rolling Stones

April 24, 2017


It's 1971. The Rolling Stones are coming off of their biggest album to date, 'Sticky Fingers'. They are the biggest rock band in the world. So if you’re Mick and Keith, now what do you do? Move into a big-ass villa in the South of France. Fill it with instruments, recording gear, beautiful women, lots of musicians and other famous friends. Then add lots of French wine and high voltage drugs. Because when you're the biggest band in the world and you like drugs, you get the very best.


'Exile on Main Street' goes down as Keith Richards' masterpiece, even though there were few big hits on it. Raw blues, which is what the Stones did - and do - best. Random members of the band would play on random songs. Other musicians would sit in. Mick would disappear for a month, Keith would record songs by himself. Keith would dissapear and Charlie Watts and Mick Taylor would record all day. It was a complete cluster that only the Rollling Stones in the early 70s could do better than anyone on the planet. And it all went down at the Nellcote villa, near Nice, France.


Dominique Tarlé was a French photographer and friend of The Rolling Stones. They let him take pictures of the debauchery. He just rolled out a new gallery of the photographs from the 'Exile' recordings. If you happen to be in France, you can check out these awesome shots. Oh, you’re not going to be in France anytime soon? Check them out here.




Sergeant Hairclub AKA Dave Richards