Rock Blog: U2 Returns

May 9, 2017


By now, I think most rock fans have a love / hate thing with U2. On one hand, they truly were the biggest band of the 80s. Their music broke the mold, bringing together punk and rock. They came from Ireland, a country that has given the world very few great rock artists, namely Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy. There's Bono, one of the greatest frontmen ever. There are songs of hope, promise, peace and war. They recorded a lot of songs you know, and may even like. And they have the same damn line-up after 37 years. All of these are good things.


On the other hand, U2 has delivered some pretty rotten albums: Pop, a dance record, was the first disappointment. Every band must evolve, but dance music in the face of grunge may not have been a wise choice. No Line on the Horizon was the second disappointment. It was flat, didn't find a home at radio, and didn't produce hits. And then there was Songs of Innocence. That's the U2 album you discovered shoved into your iTunes library. Shoved, like forced. It was a more a marketing vehicle than an album - for which U2 was paid handsomely, and lost a lot of fan respect.


But 3 turds in 37 years - not bad. That leaves 9 other albums that range from good to great to full on classic. U2 comes to CenturyLink Field this Sunday. I’m stoked because a U2 concert was, and still is, an event. All the hating in the world can’t stop a tight four-man band from banging out hit after hit. Here's a little U2 playlist.









See you at the show.




Sergeant Hairclub AKA Dave Richards