Rock Blog: Way Past His Teenage Wasteland

February 27, 2017

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If you remember The Who in their prime - the 70s, when rock ruled the world - then you remember how much all the girls loved Roger Daltrey. He had the voice, he had the hair, and for his adoring female fans, he usually didn’t have a shirt. Like a professional bull rider, he used that mic cord as a lasso. Daltrey is one of the great rock frontmen, in A+ company with Plant, Tyler, Axl, Morrison, Jagger and Mercury. The face for the brilliant Pete Townshend's architecture.


This week, Daltrey turns 73. And The Who continue to tour, celebrating their 50th Anniversary. The long locks are cut back to an age-appropriate length. The voice can reach almost all of the screams of the biggest hits. He wears a shirt now. And Roger Daltrey still looks, performs and sings like an A-lister.


Here's a Happy Birthday playlist of some of Roger Daltrey’s best:


My Generation


I Can See For Miles


Baba O’Riley


Wont Get Fooled Again


Love Reign O’er Me


Who Are You?


You Better You Bet

The Who - You Better You Bet


After the Fire




Sergeant Hairclub AKA Dave Richards