Shinedown-Breaking Benjamin-Nothing More Rock Everett

October 28, 2015

If you went to this Shinedown/Breaking Benjamin/Nothing More concert you definitely left the Xfinity Arena in Everett, WA thinking that was on e of the best all around concerts you paid your hard earned money for! Opening the night was the Texas/New Orleans based progressive low-end rockers Nothing More. How have I never heard or seen these guys live? Amazing! Singer Johnny Hawkins is this energized morphed Brandon Boyd (Incubus) meets Jim Morrison (Doors) on a Jonathan Davis (Korn) body contorting fit onstage. No wonder he's at near zero percent body fat. With their hard driving progressive hard rock/metal tones, crazy 3 man bass solo, 4 man drum solo et c. Nothing More live are a headline act in themselves. Check them out at

Next up was Pennsylvania's Breaking Benjamin. Well known in the hard rock community with more than 7 million records sold in the U.S. alone that includes two RIAA-certified platinum records, two gold records, one platinum single, one gold single, and their recent #1 charting album "Dark Before Dawn" on the Billboard 200. An amazing feat for a band that was on hiatus for some years after some legal issues with former band members, lead singer and guitarist Benjamin Burnley put together a whole new lineup that includes former guitarists from Adelitas Way (Keith Wallen) and Red (Jasen Rauch). 

Breaking Benjamin cruised through a 17-song set that included "So Cold", "Failure", "Give Me A Sign", "I Will Not Bow" and even a cool covers mash that included "Imperial March (Star Wars) / Schism (Tool) / Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) / Walk (Pantera)". Great set, great crowd response and left their fans screaming for more. Visit

If you thought Breaking Benjamin's show was good Shinedown came out and showed who's boss. Now that was a ROCK show! Opening their set with their recent hard punching single "Cut The Cord" Shinedown's 14-song set included many radio favorites like "Bully", "The Crow & The Butterfly", "If You Only Knew", "Sound of Madness", "Second Chance" and the Lynyrd Skynyrd cover "Simple Man". 

The band delivered top notch showmanship, crowd interaction, stage show with massive lights, fireworks, fire and more! They even paid respects to all the security up front working. 

Supporting their latest album "Threat To Survival" (buy now) on this tour, Shinedown have been around long enough now that their set is this monster list of radio hit after radio hits. One of the best diverse rock bands for the past decade keep rolling and growing and thank goodness keeping (what seems to be dying in the new generation) rock arena alive and well for generations to come! Visit

A huge thanks to THANKS to the Zach and the band asking/letting me shoot the entire show! For a full gallery of all three bands from this show visit my concert photo page and - "Iron" Mike Savoia