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Shinedown Releases Behind-The-Scenes Documentary Of 'Attention Attention' Album

By: Anthony Capobianco

May 9, 2018

Following the release of their sixth studio album, Attention Attention, Shinedown has released a 14-minute documentary taking fans behind the scenes of making the album, the level of stress bassist Eric Bass endured while producing the album, and much, much more! 

For many records, bands will use high-end, professional recording studios to lay down their tracks. But for Attention Attention, Shinedown looked inward and used the space constructed by their own Eric Bass. 

"It's not really a commercial studio," Eric says. "I never built it to be that. It meant to be sort of like a living room that you make records in."

Brent Smith adds that he and his bandmates take pride in the fact that they never try to make any record sound "perfect."

"We're not ashamed by the fact that we're not perfect. We don't want to be perfect," says Smith. 

"We would rather see the cuts and the bruises and the scars. We would rather show you that so that you know that it wasn't made up what we are talking about or what we are going through. And we can relate to you because we know what it's like to struggle but also we know what it's like to come out on the other side and win."

Watch the full documentary below!