Steel Panther open All You Can Eat Tour in Seattle

May 5, 2014


Note: Since I was working with Behemoth this same night, Stephanie covered the Steel Panther show/photos for me ;) Here's her quick review & photos:

What can I say about the latest concert given by Steel Panther Saturday night at Showbox SoDo? Bad boys, raunchy music, raunchy shtick, lots of spandex and one hell of a good time. It's their formula and it continues to work. During "Community Property&q uot; Michael proudly announced that Seattle was the best crowd so far on the tour. Satchel astutely informed Michael that it was the first night of their North American tour so....... I'm going to hold onto the best crowd comment. The other cities have a high bar to beat us. ;)

I was privileged to have a full show pass to capture photos from their entire set and all of Michael Starr's outfits. I only had to duck and cover a few times as I was standing where a crowd surfer would likely land.  Now that the band has 3 full length albums under their belt, some of the songs I had become accustomed to hearing have been dropped off the set list to make room for songs off of their newest release - All You Can Eat.

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Review: Stephanie Savoia

Set List:
Bold songs are from the newest CD All You Can Eat:

"Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World"
"Asian Hooker" 
"Just Like Tiger Woods"
"If I Was the King"
"Eyes of a Panther"
"Gangbang at the Old Folks Home"
"Tomorrow Night"
Satchel's guitar solo
"Gold Digging Whore"
"The Burden of Being Wonderful" 
"Death to All but Metal"

"Community Property"
"17 Girls in a Row"
"Party All Day"