Another Reason Why I Love Pearl Jam!

Migs Blog

April 25, 2018

Why do I love Pearl Jam?

Besides the obvious reason being how their music has been impacting my life since I was a teen, and continues to inspire me… the other reason is how much they care about their community, and put their time, energy, and money towards helping those less fortunate than them.

Yesterday was a perfect example of that, as Pearl Jam held a press conference at Safeco Field to announce that they have partnered up with many organizations (including KISW and our company Entercom) to fight homelessness.

It was great hearing the personal stories from guys like Mike McCready & Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam, as well as Doug Baldwin and Frank Clark (who was homeless as a kid) of the Seahawks.

Between the band and all of their partners…millions of dollars are being put towards alleviating homelessness in the Seattle area.

We here at KISW are donating $2 to every ticket sold to Pain In The Grass to Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation.  Get more info and tickets HERE.