January 12, 2018

Earlier this week, BJ Shea, Uncle Chris, and I made the trek to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show for our very first time.

Thousands upon thousands of people from all over the world flooded the streets of Sin City to learn about and check out the latest in all things technology… including, but not limited to: Smart Underwear…robot dogs…gigantic (and super thin) televisions…virtual reality…augmented reality… and any and every type of wearable gadget to improve your fitness.

First of all, I have shared my fears on the air about artificial intelligence, and how we are one step closer to becoming a sci-fi movie where the robots take control.  Well going to CES has only intensified those fears.  I’m telling you…we are going down a crazy road with the advances we are making when it comes to AI and robotics.

One of the first things that I noticed was how I felt like I was in an episode of HBO’s TV series, Silicon Valley.  I kept waiting for Richard to stop us to tell us about his start-up, Pied Piper.

Speaking of start-up companies…that was where I enjoyed being the most.  Sure, it was interesting to learn about the plans for the “big dogs” as Panasonic impressed me with their press conference about how connected we truly will be with our cars and more.   I also think I speak for many when I say that my jaw dropped when I saw “The Wall” – Samsung’s new 140 inch television.  But for me it was all about the start-ups. 

If you ever have the opportunity to go to CES, follow the advice that we followed from many people that I chatted with prior to going, and spend a good chunk of time at Eureka Hall.  There is something inspiring and incredible about walking through the convention center at The Sands and meeting the creators of what you are looking at.  You can see the passion in their eyes.  You can tell they are putting all of their hopes and dreams into their product…into their idea.  Their enthusiasm for their creation is infectious.

While we were there, we chatted with some of the start-ups. 

In this video…both BJ and I were like kids in a candy store, as I am a vinyl junkie in awe of all of the turn tables…and BJ is a sci-fi junkie in awe of the holograms!

Some of the most popular items on display at CES were drones, VR, AR, and fitness.

In addition to checking out all of the advances when it comes to television entertainment…there were times that we would see something that we didn’t think there was a need for, but it was still fascinating to learn about.  In this video…watch as we are shocked by their air bag for the elderly.

In this video, BJ took a huge liking to the digital board game device…and the in-dash augmented reality!

Musicians…there is plenty for you to check out at CES as well…and that includes in the virtual world!

Earlier I mentioned the passion we would get from the start-up businesses…there were over 900 start-ups located in Eureka Hall.  They all had great demonstrations and pitches…but none better or simpler than the guys at Spartan Underwear.

If you were wondering what my favorite thing was that we checked out…it was the Riptide Electronic Skateboard.  Here is our chat with the guys that created it…

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