Happy 3-2-1 Day!

Migs Blog

March 21, 2018

Today is March 21st…3/21…so here in the Seattle Wrestling community it is 3-2-1 Day!

A day to celebrate a wrestling promotion that I am proud to say that I am a part of, 3-2-1 Battle!  I am the commissioner of 3-2-1 Battle!, and if you have never been to the Battle Palace to check it out…what are you waiting for?

We do it every other Friday night at Evolv Fitness (our next one is this Friday night)…and it’s some of the weirdest (and most awesome) wrestling you will see.  The best part about 3-2-1 battle is how important the crowd interaction is to the show…honestly it is like you are walking into some bizarre version of Bloodsport or Fight Club…as the crowds are hot the entire night as the men and the women in the ring put on incredibly entertaining matches in this punk-rock atmosphere.

Here is a video that gives ya a taste of what 3-2-1 Battle! is all about…

I decided to whip up my 3 favorite matches that I have seen at 3-2-1 Battle…which was a tough thing to pull off...I have had some incredible memories while watching my friends risk their well-being for our entertainment.

I’ll count them down like we do to start every match…


Daniel Makabe vs. Timothy Thatcher.  Daniel (who is currently our 3-2-1 Battle Solid Steel Champ) took on a man that is known across the world for his technical prowess in Timothy Thatcher…I don’t know how else to describe this other than by saying, this match was pure poetry in the ring. 


Cat Power vs. Nicole Matthews.  Last year we had our very first women’s tournament called Rebel Girls. The entire night was pure magic…and the final match between Nicole and Cat was outstanding. 


B-Boy vs Cole Crazy. This one happened at last year’s Battlemania. They seriously put the “Battle” in Battlemania… as this was one of those matches that I didn’t want to see end. 

Battlemania this year will be happening at The Showbox on April 20th!  We hope to see you there. Get tickets HERE before they sell out!!