Help Bring The NHL To Seattle!

Migs Blog

February 26, 2018

We here at KISW are getting more and more excited about the news that we might get an NHL team here in Seattle!

As some of you know…I am a HUGE hockey fan.  It’s my favorite sport…I have been a fan since I was a kid, when I fell in love with a terrible team that Wayne Gretzky called a “Mickey Mouse Organization” at the time…the New Jersey Devils. Of course over the years that team improved and I have been lucky enough to see them win the Stanley Cup three times!

I was so obsessed with this team, that I would call an overnight sports talk radio show in New York to talk about the Devils…almost every night.

Hell…I may or may not put a jersey on my pup Lulu when I’m watching the Devils play!

Over the years I not only watched hockey all the time, but I started playing it as well.  I started playing roller hockey in Brooklyn, New York when I was a teen…and I still to this day play ice hockey.  I'm a goalie, and yes, I am not helping squash the rumors that “all goalies are weird”.  Here I am with my team, the Tacoma Donkeys!

I bring all of this up because the one thing I have always hoped for a sports fan in Seattle is that we would one day have an NHL franchise to call our own.

This area is rich in Seattle history….hell a Seattle team called the Metropolitans were the first U.S. team to ever win the Stanley Cup (back in 1917)…here I am talking to the “Keeper Of The Cup”, Mike Bolt, when the Cup was in town a couple months ago.

We have also had (and have) some great junior hockey teams here in the Northwest…the Thunderbirds, the Silvertips, the Breakers, the Totems, the Sabrecats, and the Rockets are just a few teams that have thrilled northwest hockey fans over the years!

Now we have a chance to make Seattle history.  We have an opportunity to bring an NHL franchise to Seattle.  Never before have our chances been this good…we have an ownership group in place…an arena being renovated to accommodate an NHL franchise…the NHL is very interested in having a team here…but now it’s up to us. 

Yes, Seattle hockey fans need to let the NHL know that we want a team… and this Thursday at 10am is our opportunity to make this happen! 

How so?  By going to and be one of ten thousand Seattle strong to show that we’re NHL ready…by putting down a deposit for season tickets!