I Made My Wrestling Debut!

Migs Blog

April 24, 2018

Friday night was one of the greatest…and most surreal nights of my life.

321 Battle’s big wrestling event, “Battlemania”, was on Friday…and I made my wrestling debut.  Yup…I wrestled in my first ever match. 

I was in a tag team match that featured me teaming up with The Bird, Cole Crazy, and Matt Cross (Son Of Havok from Lucha Underground)…as we took on The Hell Fire Club (Steve West, Uncle Muscles, Sage, and Sarian).

Battlemania was at the Showbox At the Market, and it was a sold out crowd…a “perfect” setting for me to have my very first match…to say that I was nervous would be a serious understatement. 

I honestly can’t describe the feeling when I came out, and felt the support from everyone in attendance…the Seattle wrestling fan base gets loud…really loud…and to be able to perform infront of a hot crowd like that, with the love that I felt, is something that I will never forget. 

You can watch all of Battlemania on 321 Battle’s Twitch page (you can watch future and past shows there too).

Here is a video of many of my favorite moments from my match.

Huge thanks to the super talented Raw by Jane for taking these pictures.  She is such a talented photographer, and does portraits, etc… check her out on her website: rawbyjane.com