I'll Take Pearl Jam Over The Solar Eclipse!

Migs Blog

August 22, 2017

While everyone was losing their crap about the eclipse…I was losing my crap about the trailer that was just released for the new Pearl Jam concert film about playing Wrigley Field!

Pearl Jam played 2 nights at Wrigley Field last year…yup, right in the middle of the season that the Cubs finally won a world series after a 108 year drought.  They filmed the shows, and the concert film (and accompanying record)  is called “Let's Play Two”.

When and where can you see this?  There will be screenings in select markets (Seattle has to be one…it better be one!) on September 29th, the same day the soundtrack for “Let's Play Two” arrives. Oh yes, I plan on getting it on vinyl!

If you don’t see it in theaters…don’t worry…on October 13th, “Let's Play Two” will be on TV --  on Fox Sports 1 following Game 1 of baseball’s  American League Championships.

It will then be available for purchase on November 17th.

Both the Let's Play Two CD and 2-LP vinyl releases