Introducing...Bruiser Brody

Migs Blog

October 6, 2017

For those of you that are fans of the local music scene…I have a new band for you guys to check out…it’s a super group of some great local musicians…and me on drums!

I can’t really put into words how excited and humbled I am to be able to create music with these guys…the band is called Bruiser Brody (a nod to one of the greatest wrasslers of all time) and it features Travis Bracht (from Second Coming) on vocals, Glenn Cannon (from Windowpane) on guitar and backing vocals, JT Phillips (from Klover Jane) on guitar, and Jeff Rouse (from Duff McKagan’s LOADED) on bass.

A few weeks ago we had the awesome opportunity to record some songs at Robert Lang Studios…the same studio where bands like Nirvana, the Foo Fighters, and many more have recorded at.  Then we were able to get the man that mixes for Pearl Jam, Brett Eliason, to mix the songs we recorded…Brett is an awesome a lifelong Pearl Jam fan like I am…it’s very surreal for me to have him mix music that I was a part of.

On October 14th, we will release our debut EP…which also will be the day of our debut show…at Studio Seven for MigsFest II!  We are playing with some of my favorite bands:  The Last Internationale, Windowpane, Wyatt Olney & the Wreckage, and Van Eps.  You can get tickets HERE!

Speaking of Wyatt Olney…huge thanks to him for putting this music video together for the first song off of our upcoming EP.  Check out my new band, Bruiser Brody, and our song “Don’t Go here On Your Own”… I hope you dig it!