Migs Blog 04/26/16 "My New Fave Basketball Player!"

April 26, 2016

I am not a big basketball fan…especially since the Sonics left I haven’t been super excited to watch the sport.  Plus, evbent though the NBA playoffs are going on, it’s also time for the NHL playoffs and that to me is some of the most compelling and intense watching when it comes to any sport.

However, I have found my new favorite basketball player.  Who is it?  Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors, and it has nothing to do with the team he is on.

Hell…it has nothing to do with all of the funny videos he posts on Twitter, although they are awesome!


Why is he my favorite?  Because of how he handled this moron reporter that during a press conference tried to make a “cute” comparison to the floods in Houston that have tragically killed people to a sport.  Check out how Draymond shuts him down.

Way to go Draymond.  I am just not a fan of “reporting” like this.  You are trying to goat a guy into making a statement that you can twist into a headline.  That’s messed up.  Especially when people are grieving.  This reporter is crap…pure crap…for trying (multiple times) to get Draymond to look bad.  Shame on you fella, and kudos to Draymond for being real and shutting that down.