Migs Blog: 3-2-1 Battle!

January 4, 2017

While we were on vacation I finally got to check something out that I have always wanted to see.

3-2-1 Battle!  What is 3-2-1 Battle?  Well it’s a local independent wrestling promotion…as they call it Weird Wrestling.  Yes, they get weird, but they also get awesome.  Man…this was an insanely fun night.  If you are a fan of wrestling, I highly suggest checking out one of their shows.  Hell, even if you aren’t a fan of wrestling… I truly think you would enjoy what they are doing.  The wrestlers are mostly local dudes, that have come up with some great characters…and what I loved is that they have announcers for the matches…and the announcers can be heard by all of us at the venue, and they are HILARIOUS on the mic.  So much so that sometimes the wrestlers had to turn and stop what they were doing in the ring and look at the guys doing the play by play (shout out to my bro Cody for kicking ass on the mic).

I went to the “3-2-1 Lucha”, which was so damn cool…because it was a merging of two local wrestling promotions…you had 3-2-1 Battle and Lucha Libre Volcanica.  I think I found a couple new favorite wrestlers while there…one was Herman Nerdstrom.  This dude was on fire with his charisma…a nerdy wrestler that came out wearing Star Wars tights, and was rocking a light saber!

My other new favorite wrestler was on fire with her in ring skills…she is a Luchadora named La Avispa.

Get more info on 3-2-1 Battle! HERE.  Get more info on Lucha Libre Volcanica HERE.

Speaking of indie wrestling… I am so stoked that I am going to be a part of a brand new Seattle independent wrestling promotion – Defy Wrestling.  I am the ring announcer for their shows, and the first show is next Friday at the Washington Hall in Seattle.  The first card, “Defy1 – Legacy”, is featuring some great talent…including Cody Rhodes!

Cody will be taking on Tacoma’s own, Shane Strickland.  Shane is kicking ass on Lucha Underground as “Killshot”, and he is not the only Lucha Underground star that will be there:  Matt Cross (aka “Son Of Havok” on L.U.), and Jeff Cobb (aka “Matanza” on L.U.).  There are some great local talent that will be wrestling as well…including my bro, The King Of Thong Style – Eddie Van Glam!

I hope to see y’all there…tickets are selling fast, get tix here:  DefyWrestling.com

While we were on vacation, I recorded a podcast with Jim Perry – the man behind Defy Wrestling.  Check it out HERE!

Speaking of wrestling... I mentioned on air that I got WWE2K17 for Christmas, and I made myself...check me out, haha!