Migs Blog: 69 Is Hilarious!

February 1, 2017

Even though I HATE the Patriots…I have said it before, and I will say it again… I LOVE Gronk!

Rob Gronkowski seems like the most awesome dude…and there is a new story to add to his legacy!

Gronk played high school basketball in Pittsburgh and there is a story about him purposely missing a free throw for a hilarious and awesome reason.

Apparently back in high school…Gronk’s team was playing a home game and they had 68 points… Gronkowski got fouled and went to take his two free throws.  He nails the first one, which gets them to 69.  Everyone there starts going nuts, as its high school…and 69 is funny (hell it’s still funny to me). 

So instead of trying to hit the second free throw to bring it to 70…Gronk tosses the ball off the backboard and misses on purpose!  That way the score stayed at 69 and then Rob apparently started pointing at the scoreboard.

Yes…Gronk purposely missed a free throw so that their team would have 69 points!

Let's not forget...as we have learned from the movie Goon...the number 69...is HILARIOUS!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise…a few months back after scoring his 68th career touchdown, Rob said this at a press conference:

This video clip is one of my favorites…check out Gronk’s face when a reporter says 69 a couple times during the interview.

To add more fuel to the “Gronk Is Awesome” fire…check out his High School info…particularly his hobbies: