Migs Blog: Album Of The Year!

April 28, 2017

I feel bad for any band that puts out a record this year with hopes of it being viewed as the best of 2017 (at least in my ears)…as it is the end of April, and today the best record of the year came out. What is it?

Life Of Agony’s “A Place Where There’s No More Pain”.

I have been a fan of LOA since the first time I heard their demo played on the iconic Seton Hall college radio station, WSOU (that station helped shape my metal tastes as a kid in Brooklyn, NY). 

This band means more to me than most bands… hell, I am in the middle of planning a big Life Of Agony inspired chest piece tattoo with my bro Tony F’ing Mitchell (from Tony’s Tried & True Tattoo in Port Orchard).

This album feels like the older sibling of their debut, “River Runs Red”…a record that helped me get through my teen years (I am certain that many others feel the same way about RRR).  Just like all of their records, this record has a powerful groove…shredding guitars…emotional, inspiring, and relatable lyrics…and Mina Caputo’s voice causes many, many goose bump moments. 

Yesterday I was stoked that the new record showed up a day early…I might be a little obsessive, as I ordered the bundle that includes vinyl, a CD, a sweet T-Shirt (the pic at the top is of that t-shirt), and an autographed poster.  I popped the CD in my car…and I have already listened to it 5 times.  With each song played I kept saying out loud… “Holy S***…this is incredible”.

Every song is great… but the best track for me is “A New Low”…the song feels like the band took the heaviness of the NY Hardcore scene…and married it with the dark dirge of the early 90’s Seattle scene!  This track, hell all of the songs, will help many people deal with whatever crap they are going through…and I thank LOA for that!

Here are a couple songs they have released off of the new record… here is “A Place Where There's No More Pain”:

Here is “World Gone Mad”: