Migs Blog: Angry Bear?

November 30, 2016

Sometimes I come across a headline that makes me just shake my head.

The headline:

“An Angry Bear Had to Be Rescued from a Septic Tank”

I don’t need to do any investigative journalism…but wouldn’t you say that if any animal was swimming in a tank of dook…they would be angry?

I don’t care if it’s a squirrel, a rabbit, or even a cute puppy…I would assume that they would all be angry. 

A crew had to dig out the dirt next to the tank, and then make a hole in the side of it that was big enough for the bear to squeeze through.  Is anyone really shocked that this bear is mad?  I think we could all make the conclusion that this bear is angry.

Hell...even if it was Yogi Bear… he would be be mad as EFF and probably wouldn’t have any desire to take someones pic-a-nic basket.

Thankfully once it got free, the “angry bear”just ran off and didn't hurt anyone.