Migs Blog: Awesome Cake Of Us!

October 20, 2016

If you were listening to our show on Monday…during Listeners On The Loose we chatted with Barbarann Kym… Barbarann is an incredible cake maker from this area, and she has been featured on The Nerdist, Food Network, etc.

We chatted with Barbarann about making us a cake to celebrate the show’s anniversary.  We were having a staff party to celebrate the day and was hoping she could create something cool.  Just to give you an idea of what Barbarann does…check out some of the rad cakes she has made…

Check out her company, Cake Rhapsody, as we highly recommend hiring her if you ever need a cake!

So yesterday was the party, and the cake did not disappoint!  Dang, she made a kick ass cake!

Of course BJ & I had to enjoy our respective heads…which I must say…my head was delicious!

Once again, thanks to Barbarann for making us an awesome anniversary cake!