Migs Blog: Awesome Weekend!

November 7, 2016

Talk about a busy…but awesome weekend!

Friday night we had our big 17th anniversary party at Louie G’s in Fife.  HUGE thanks to the staff at Louie G’s…what an awesome crew, and their pizza is incredible!  We had a few different kinds, but my fave was the simple cheese and pepperoni!  The crust was crispy and awesome…gotta love wood fire pizza!!

Also a HUGE thanks to all of the Rock-A-Holics that came out and partied with us… we had a great time hanging with all of you.  Like I mentioned on stage, the fact that so many people came up and told us how we help make their day start off on a good note, despite being stuck in traffic, means the world to us!

Plus…it’s always great seeing the Rock Girls!

Here are some of the pictures that Iron Mike grabbed…

Also this weekend, on Saturday night I attended the Five Finger Death Punch – Shinedown – SIXX AM show.  Holy smokes these guys all put on a great set.  It was great to finally see SIXX AM live… watching Nikki Sixx is always great…

Nikki is originally from Seattle, and I love that he made a trip to Gasworks for this pic with the band…

After SIXX AM, I got to jump up on stage to say hi to everyone at the Tacoma Dome…thanks to everyone for showing me some love up there…y’all rock!

Next up was Shinedown, and every time I see them live they are great…Saturday was their best yet! 

One of the highlights was getting to watch them side stage…so I was able to see lead singer Brent Smith sprint back and forth from the front and back of the Tacoma Done multiple times during the concert. 

Finally…thanks to Luke Willson of the Seahawks for inviting Thee Ted Smith and I down to the VMAC yesterday for a tour, and to watch their walk through practice.  It was beyond awesome to watch all of the Hawks at practice!